How to Cancel Your Allstate Auto Insurance Policy

How to Cancel Your Allstate Auto Insurance Policy

How to cancel your Allstate Auto Insurance Policy. Are you planning to cancel your Allstate car insurance policy? If your answer is yes, then we are assuring you that to end your Allstate auto insurance coverage doesn’t required much activity and is not complicated in any way.

How to Cancel Your Allstate Auto Insurance Policy

You can cancel Allstate auto insurance policy any time in as much as you understand and adhere to Allstate’s cancellation rules. So before your coverage cancellation, there is need that you go through the stated rules for cancellation first in order to understand and adhere to it.

If you think that you have found a better rate elsewhere or you don’t need auto insurance coverage any longer, it’s easy to cancel your Allstate insurance policy with just a click.

Allstate Auto Insurance Policy Cancellation Rules

Allstate suggests that the best way to cancel your policy is by calling an agent. Your agent may ask for a written request to cancel. According to Allstate’s agency standards, you can cancel your policy at any time, and you don’t need proof of new coverage.

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However, if you are continuing to drive your car, state laws will require you not to have a lapse in coverage. So make sure you have new coverage in place before cancelling. Below are some of the things to look at first before your Allstate car insurance coverage cancellation.

Be sure to contact Allstate first prior to your cancellation date.

Arrange your new policy before you cancel with Allstate. This is because when you call an agent to cancel your Allstate auto insurance policy, your agent may ask for this information to process your cancellation.

Know your reason. Think about, and be ready to explain, why you’re canceling Allstate car insurance coverage before you take any action.

Requirements to Cancel Allstate Car Insurance Policy

Below are the information you’ll need to cancel your Allstate policy

  1. Your name, address and phone number
  2. Your Social Security number and date of birth
  3. Your Allstate policy number
  4. The date and time you want your policy to end
  5. Your dated signature
  6. Your new insurer’s name, policy number and start date for your new policy, OR
  7. Proof that you will no longer be driving (bill of sale, plate forfeiture, etc.)

How to Cancel Your Allstate Auto Insurance Policy

All insurance companies handle cancellations differently. Here are the steps on how to cancel your Allstate Auto Insurance Policy specifically:


Note: To cancel your Allstate insurance policy, please call your agent. Your agent may ask you to make a written request to cancel your policy.

Allstate does not accept cancellations through any other method. To find the details for your Allstate agent you can find it via:

  1. Your Physical or digital insurance card
  2. The Allstate website
  3. Calling 1-800-ALLSTATE (1-800-255-7828); available 24/7
  4. The Allstate mobile app
  5. When you contact your agent, have your account number available.
  6. Contact your agent and tell them you want to cancel your Allstate auto insurance policy.
  7. Submit a written request to cancel your Allstate Insurance policy to your agent, if requested.

If required by state law, provide proof to back up the reason for your cancellation including a copy of vehicle bill of sale, new insurance policy or receipt of license plate forfeiture.

Contact the following:

  • Lienholder – generally drivers must maintain certain coverages such as comprehensive and collision if you are still making payments of your car.
  • Financial institution – cancel any automatic payments
  • State department of motor vehicles – Some states require drivers to report car insurance cancellations. You might also have to turn in the vehicle’s license plates and registration tags.

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